Soft skills. The new age workplace.

The modern workplace, is interpersonal. This means that skills such as listening, collaborating with others, presenting ideas and communicating with team members are all highly valued in the modern workplace. Customers demand soft skills too. The modern marketplace, can provide hundreds of choices to the customers and a big variety of prices in all products. But the reason which affects most of the times the company will choose is the service it provides. The customer service needs the so-called hard skills (technical skills related with the job itself) but also some soft skills to make the hard ones valuable.

The development of the soft skills is not something that is been created through the experience you gain through the work life.

Many businesses started to provide trainings to their employees, in order to develop their soft skills for better collaboration and create a better environment. But there are some occupations that do not provide that kind of training and free time to people. This are the blue/pink collar occupations. These workers do not have enough money and time to be part on a training but in the same time the job market demands it.

We took all these parameters in mind and we made a need analysis in national level in order to understand the needs of each occupations and the required soft skills for each. We choose 20 most common occupations in Greece and through focus group meetings, online questionnaires and face to face meetings, we compose a national report. This is action constitutes the first Intellectual Output of the European project ‘Move Up – Boosting the Social Skills of Adults for Better Employment and Success at Work’. All partners countries have implement a national report where they analyze the data for each country.

You can find the national report in the section of the outputs!

The next step is the Online Platform.

A platform implemented for the needs of those who don’t have enough money or time for training bust wants to develop further their soft skills. A platform free of charge, for everyone and accessible everywhere!

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