IO1: Need analysis report

Workers and employers need to know which skills are necessary for their jobs in order to develop themselves. In this output first most common 120 blue/pink collar occupations are decided and identified after that 60 most important work-related social skills are listed and identified according to the literature views. In order to match the social skills with the occupations focus group meetings with 6 people from representatives of NGOs in the business area, trainers in the adult training centers, career experts and employers are done in each partner country and questionnaires are done to both employers and employees in the selected area. Finally, a country report is prepared. This way a common European skill definition for these jobs done.


IO2:  Establishment of Social Skills Training E-Learning Platform and Website

Website of the project including e-learning platform is developed for the needs of the project, where adults are able to attend the on-line courses and receive social skill training from a distance and also their needs and requirement of their occupations. The e-learning platform provides open on-line courses, including an area of Community of Practice for open discussions and exchange and also includes an e-library with important and relevant resources. These open on-line courses are available for adult trainers and staff. The partners examine also the possibility to extend on-line courses at later stages.

IO3:  Development of social skills training content and uploading them to the website

Formation of blended learning materials is the aim of this output. The social skills which were decided during the first output are matched with the occupation list of the project. These occupations are blue/pink collar which requires strong social competencies. Adults (with or without a job) who do not have the chance to improve their social skills due to the lack of either time or budget are able to have an access to unique portal which is personalized according to their needs. The training materials are in an understandable, simple and yet educational way. To visually impress the beneficiaries the format of the content will include videos, presentation, photographs, graphic images, etc. To achieve the personalization of the content and also success of the beneficiaries there is one test at the beginning to present most suitable content and another test at the end of the training to evaluate the success of the users.  All these materials are prepared in English then translated to partner countries’ languages by partners.

Go to platform

If you would like to receive an extra guidance on how to move through the platform, please check out this 5 min. tutorial video and the steps that you will follow in order to complete a skill!

IO4: Preparation of Handbook

Final product of this project is a handbook which is useful for trainers at adult education centers and career experts. This book will be in e-book format and be handed out to every participant before the end of the project and sent by email or post to every participants of the other focus groups and dissemination activities held during Project.